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Daily Sketchbook Practice

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

Having a daily sketchbook practice and habit is so important to improving your drawing and painting skills and will inspire your creativity. I have found sketchbooks that work well with watercolor and dry media alike. I use a different sketchbook for graphite than I use for watercolor. I even have what I call an elite class of sketchbooks. It is so satisfying to fill a sketchbook with work that you like. Sketchbooks are a place to explore and try new ideas and colors. I enjoy using light washes of watercolor in my sketchbooks and I have found the perfect vibrant watercolors to work in my sketchbooks. In this series I will be using the Strathmore Visual Journal 140 lb watercolor sketchbook and Holbein Watercolors. I will draw everyday items in my studio starting from very easy to increasing in difficulty so I can improve on my skills and spark some creativity and inspiration for future projects! I will list below the picture the sketchbooks I have and enjoy! You can also go to my Art Supplies page for a full list of supplies I enjoy and use on a regular rotation. #sketchbooks #watercolor #watercolorjournal #watercolorartist #sketch #paint #watercolortutorial #watercolorart #watercolorillustration

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