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Daniel Smith Watercolors / Dot Card Series

Updated: Aug 9, 2021 back and relax and enjoy the amazing colors of these Daniel Smith Watercolor Paints! They are luscious! I received these Daniel Smith Watercolor Dot cards as a gift and I am going to explore the colors and properties of Daniel Smith watercolor paints in this new series. As you will see I am finding new excitement in these paints and learning new properties of the watercolor paints. I will check off new colors that I want to just go buy right away and some that I want to find out more about because they are so similar in color and feel.

I believe painting should be and exciting and enjoyable experience with your supplies. I love how some of the Daniel Smith watercolor paints just melt as if it were butter in a hot pan! I am also finding that some of the Daniel Smith watercolor paint has more granulation that could be used for wonderful effects on cold press or rough paper. That can be beneficial in rendering nature paintings.

I would love to take some of these paints that I will get and do some flower and landscape paintings. The vibrancy of these Daniel Smith watercolor paints are so wonderful that they make my heart sing! I love the way paint and color makes me feel inside! I am so excited about this series!

I can’t wait to do the next video and test out more Daniel Smith Watercolor paints! Here are some helpful affiliate links to get started on this wonderful paint and feel good journey! I am even finding more things as I pull these links for you! It is so exciting!

Supplies (with affiliate links):

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