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Iris Watercolor Card

Updated: Aug 9, 2021 Everyone! This watercolor painting was done for my Mom on Mother’s Day. I am a little behind schedule on getting this posted, however you can do this for any upcoming birthday or just to cheer someone up during this stay at home quarantine. This would be perfect for those in long term health care facilities that are still being sheltered. I painted this with a limited pallet using Dr. Ph Martin’s Hydrus Liquid watercolors.

The colors were ultramarine blue, quinacridone magenta and new gamboge yellow. I have had these watercolors for several years and they were still good after shaking them up.

I did notice a little granulation when mixing the blue and yellow but none with the blue and magenta. I am excited to try some abstract watercolor flowing art with these paints! I think they will work perfectly!

I will include the original reference photo that I took at my Mom’s house with my Iphone. The pictures that cell phones can take are wonderful! I have so many pictures that I am planning at least a years worth of content!

Download PDF • 138KB

I will also include some helpful affiliate links to Blick Art Supply where you can purchase these paints and other supplies I used for this painting. Also keep going because I will attach the video tutorial for this painting! I hope you enjoy!

Supplies List (with affiliate links):

Stay Happy!



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