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My First Student Grade Cheap Watercolor Set! Pelikan Brand from Blick Art Supply

Updated: Sep 8, 2020

I have always painted in one way or another. Years ago I took a class on Decorative Tole Painting. It was acrylics and it was fun painting on wood cutout shapes but it seemed to be a fad and the market in my area faded away as well as the classes and the storage space for all the wood! I eventually gave all of my stuff away after getting busy working and raising kids. We also had a small business to run so personal time was a luxury I didn’t have at that time in my life. We raised our kids when we were young so I am still enjoying myself now that we are empty nesters.

When that happened about 10 years ago, I took back my time and my passions in life! I wanted to PAINT AGAIN! I went to the local Blick Art Supply and looked around for hours! It is like a candy store! I took the advice of one of the sales people (also artists) and picked up this student grade Pelikan Watercolor Set. I have had so much fun learning techniques and exploring color that I just wanted more! I have upgraded as time has went on to many different kinds of paint, both student grade, craft and professional paints. I just LOVE going into a Blick Art Supply Store!

Try looking around at this affiliate link below! They have sooo much to choose from and let yourself get lost in learning to love what you have to give to yourself!

Love to All!

Stay Home and Stay Happy!



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