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QOR Watercolor Lavender Painting

Updated: Aug 9, 2021

In this video, I will list out 11 things that you will need to start watercolor painting. Some things that you will need to start watercolor painting may be obvious but sometimes we don’t think about that is imperative to include when you are planning your watercolor or art session is a place to paint and time to paint. I always try to think about these things before I start to get everything together. I did go over things with a sharpie pen as I always do but my battery must have quit. Final pic at the end!

Here are the 11 things. I will link the supplies below with affiliate links that help my channel when you use them. No extra cost to you but it helps me with a small commission. Thanks in advance! But by all means, use what you have 🙂.

  1. Paint (I used QOR watercolors in this video.)

  2. Paintbrush

  3. Paper

  4. Pencil

  5. Eraser

  6. Pallet

  7. Paper towel or rag

  8. Water

  9. Place to paint

  10. Time

  11. Subject

I used QOR watercolors in dioxazine purple, quinacridone magenta, yellow ochre, and sap green.

Supplies (with affiliate links):

Stay Happy!



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