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QOR Watercolor Pallet Setup

Updated: Aug 9, 2021

Relax and watch this QOR watercolor palette setup to beautiful music. It is incredibly satisfying squeezing watching these pans being filled with luscious colorful paints set to the relaxing music. Great ASMR video!

These QOR watercolors have vibrant pigments and fill the pans great! They are 5 ml tubes and I love every color! QOR watercolors are a golden brand and can be found at the affiliate link below. I used the tubes from the introductory set, the high chroma set and the earth set. There were some duplicates but I am glad I purchased them this way to try out. I will link similar pallets as well. there are a multitude of designs to fit your style! My daughter purchased this pallet for me for mother’s day. I love to get gifts that feed my soul!

Let me know how you organize your art supplies and paint! Do you love to squeeze out the paint from tubes and set up your own pallet or do you prefer prefilled pan sets? I like both for different reasons.

The links provided are affiliate links and are helpful to keep my channel going! Thank you in advance!

Supplies list:

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