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Watercolor Peony Card with Daniel Smith Paints/ Jean Haines Master Set

Updated: Aug 9, 2021

Learn how to watercolor paint peonies on a card with the Daniel Smith Jean Haines Master Set or just add to your collection! These paints are so GOOD! They are wonderful for any floral, nature painting or landscape painting. The Daniel Smith Jean Haines Master set are my paints of choice right now and they are perfect for mixing wonderful colors! They are so full of pigment that it takes very little paint to get beautiful rich colors.

I can’t wait to try this flower on larger better paper to make artwork to give to my mom. Paint this like I have it (traceable on my website linked below) or arrange them any way you like.

This set is going to be wonderful to paint flowers all summer long! Daniel Smith has beautiful, highly pigmented paint that I am falling in love with the more I use! I can’t wait to do some abstract with this set and just play! Try and get the starter set and just put out a little color and just start mixing to see what you get! It is very exciting! But if the starter set is not available anymore just pick up the colors that are in the starter set.

Download PDF • 171KB

You can use a ceramic dish or plate to mix but I put my paints in this Portable painter pallet. I also used a Princeton velvet touch #6 round brush and a creative mark mimic #4 round on Strathmore Watercolor Card. The ink details were done with a Pigma Micron .005.

Have fun creating some Happy Mail for your people!


Here is what I used (with affiliate links):

Stay Happy!



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