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Watercolor Travel Kit

Updated: Aug 9, 2021

Everyone LOVES a watercolor travel kit to take with them so they can be ready on a whim to sketch and paint whenever the feeling hits! I get an excitement when I am on the road or taking a walk and see a beautiful picture in nature or in a coffee shop or restaurant. I do have my phone to document these moments but somehow a painting or sketch right then and there in the moment… in real life can really capture the essence and feeling of what you see and why it caught your attention in the first place.

There is beauty in everything around us! I really like to observe and find the beautiful in everything! There is beauty in a fresh spring flower or tree and there is beauty in a withering flower or tree because it speaks of the new season coming forth! There is beauty in a smiling baby and there is beauty in a crying baby. Look hard around that crying baby and you may see a beautiful Momma that is preparing that baby’s food.

In the dead of winter when everything seems blustery and cold, I see a beautiful blanket of snow that is putting the earth to sleep to rest and heal for the upcoming spring. It is a peaceful quiet that is quite comforting to me.

I see beauty during this time of the COVID-19 crisis. I see the beauty of people caring for each other and the beauty of appreciation and gratitude of the freedoms we have in this country. I also see the beauty of healing and the beauty of science! How fortunate we are to live in the greatest time in history!

So put together a small kit and get ready to travel and document your journey! Don’t wait! Go for a walk or sit on your front porch and find the beauty today! Here are some helpful amazon affiliate links that will help me if you click on them (it doesn’t cost you any more). Thank You in Advance!

Supplies (or use what you have):

Note: I couldn’t find this exact sketchbook on amazon but here is a variety of sketchbooks that will do the trick!

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