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What color is Sap Green?

Updated: Aug 7, 2021

Every popular watercolor brand has its own version of sap green. Sap green is most known in my watercolor world as the perfect summer green, grass green, leaf green etc. I went on my own research journey and went to discover my favorite sap green and what pigments were in sap green so maybe I could mix my own sap green. It turns out I can mix my own sap green but I still wanted to know which sap green from what company did I like best? What was my favorite sap green and what could I do with it. It turns out I had a couple of favorites. I really enjoy Daniel Smith's sap green right out of the tube. I can do so many things with it. Add a little violet to darken or a little crimson to dull it or a little yellow to brighten it. You can do those little tricks with any of the major brands such as M. Graham, Holbein, Sennilier, QOR and one of my other favorites, Mission Gold. During this research process I found out that I really like the way Mission Gold's sap green and ultramarine blue mixed together. I couldn't get the same effects with any other brand. I love the way the colors granulate and would be perfect for the rich summer leaves and botanicals. So if you only had the money to invest in one set of paints I really would choose Mission Gold and enjoy the vibrancy and granulation of these colors. I have never been disappointed in using this full pan set. They always give me a wonderful happy feeling. They flow well and the vibrancy of Mission Gold is top notch! I still love the others mentioned and listed below. Even the prima watercolor set put out some good sap green colors so check out the video and I have the Prima Tropicals set here and this blog includes affiliate links to all watercolors mentioned. Also don't miss the YouTube video attached and see for yourself the results of my ultimate sap green research. Happy Painting!

Find these watercolor brands at this link to start your exploration of finding the best Sap Green!

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