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Best Gifts for Artists 2020 Gift Guide

Updated: Aug 8, 2021

This blog post contains affiliate links that link back to my account and provides me a small commission at no extra cost to you. I appreciate your help in using these helpful links to provide you with this information.

I am crazy in love with these Christmas/ Holiday gift ideas from Blick for watercolor artists to enhance to their collection or get for the first time! I would love these gifts for a first gift or even to add to my art collection! Even if I already had it!

Starting off would be this Strathmore watercolor sketchbook. It is a paper which is so nice for watercolor artists. Cotton paper really makes all the difference when painting with watercolors. As far as sketchbooks go, there are so many out there that I would recommend to have around the studio for different reasons...practice, writing down ideas, travel sketchbook and the Cadillac of all sketchbooks...Etchr sketchbooks. They are the best sketchbooks in my opinion.

The next thing is these great sets of Daniel Smith paints to enhance any artists collection. Artists love to build their collections and there are so many great sets that any watercolor artists would love to have! If your not sure which one to get then ask or take a risk! These paints will not disappoint!

While your at it check out these watercolor pallets! You can't have too many pallets! I keep different paints in and on different pallets. I love the porcelain pallets because the paint does not bead up on them but I also love the travel pallets so I can take my paint wherever I go! I have several on my list this year from Amazon!

Another thing to add to your artists collection would be waterproof fine liners. I love the Pigma Micron set but there are a lot of good fine liners out there! Even sharpie fine liners are good!

White gel pens are great to bring back highlights in our work! They are also great to sign work on a dark background. I love my white gel pens and as long as they are not open they never go bad so as you can imagine...I have a lot of white gel pens at the ready! I keep one in my travel kit as well.

A really fun watercolor kit from is the Paul Rubens watercolor kits. You can buy them just alone or in a set with a watercolor block or journal. These kits are great! I have a review of the paul rubens artists paints on my youtube channel. They even have specialty glitter watercolors which are so fun! I would love to receive this as a gift!

You can never go wrong ordering Arches watercolor paper on Blick! It is the best watercolor paper in my opinion.

Amazon always keeps me stocked up on Canson XL mixed media books! These are great for practice for any artist no matter what medium they work with! Arteza is another supplier that has many supplies and paper and sketchbooks! They are continuing to improve on their quality and have won shelf space on many an artists shelf.

I just stocked my artist collection with Alcohol Markers! I am so excited to use them! They have great reviews! I think that they will make a great addition to my collection! You may want to buy special marker paper to go along with it. Any artist will love this and be surprised with the largest set you can afford! It will rock their world!

A luxury gift for any watercolor artist from Blick would be this Davinci brush set boxed up as a gift with a big red bow! Davinci makes great brushes for any medium.. watercolors, oils or acrylics.

Blick has these sets of Sennilier watercolors...ooooohhhhh...sweet! These honey based transparent watercolors are a dream to paint with! Perfect for a luxury gift!

Last but not least would be storage solutions! I love these rolling carts to have your supplies at the ready! I have one of these in white but would love another! You can never go wrong with desk storage either! We artists are hoarders so we need places to put things! Check out these desk solutions for pencils, pens, markers or brushes! Blick has so many great ideas that will keep you as an artist or your favorite artist loving you and letting you know you gave them the best gift ever! Hurry! Supplies are running low!

Watch my youtube video on this list!

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