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Easy Sketchbook Idea

Updated: Aug 9, 2021

This is an easy sketchbook idea! Take a pencil and trace it and color it in with watercolor paint, watercolor pencils or colored pencils. Be sure and look close at your pencil as it will cast a shadow on the surface it is laying on and you'll want to be sure and capture that. This is a great way to practice your drawing and painting skills and a great way to fill your sketchbook!

The supplies I used was the Strathmore Visual Watercolor Sketchbook, Holbein Watercolor paints and a round #8 and round #4 watercolor brush. You can find many good watercolor supplies on Blick's website! I have been ordering from them and the prices are good and the shipping is quick! If you order through my links on this blog I will get points to use on supplies. #blickartistmaterials #strathmore #holbeinartistmaterials #sketchbook #watercolor #dickblick #watercolorartists #denisesmithcreative

Here is a tutorial on YouTube where you can watch me demonstrate this easy sketchbook idea.

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