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Updated: Aug 9, 2021

I often run out of ideas to practice and improve my skills. I am continuing to put everyday things in my studio into my sketchbook to learn how to effectively capture the colors, shadows and contour lines. This is an easy way to fill a sketchbook for any level artist and will improve your drawing and painting skills. Along the way you will be inspired to create new projects that will be so original to your style of drawing and painting. Ideas don't just appear. You have to keep making work! Out of that work it will produce inspiration and creativity. In this post I am using my Strathmore Visual Watercolor Journal and Holbein Watercolors! I have had so much fun in this series! Stay tuned and start a watercolor sketchbook! It will be so satisfying to complete! #watercolor #sketchbook #makemoreart #strathmore #holbeinwatercolor

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