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Holbein Watercolor Set

Updated: Aug 9, 2021

I loved swatching this Holbein Watercolor set that I purchased. These are one of the best watercolor sets I have ever swatched. I cannot wait to do a piece with them. I set up a pallet and they were so pigmented that it took so little paint to create wonderful color! The mixing abilities were great as well. They came out clean and there were so many combinations that you knew what you were going to get! I loved the addition of Chinese white, Juan Brillant and Ivory black. A lot of artists don’t like those additions but I think that they can create wonderful pastels, skin tones and rich darks combined with other colors.

Here are 5 great things about this set:

  1. Warm and cool of each primary

  2. Highly pigmented paints

  3. Enough paint in each tube to fill a Mijello 18 well airtight pallet

  4. Professional grade light fast pigment

  5. Good price point

Here are the drawbacks of this set:

  1. The set has 5 ml tubes (small tubes) even though it is enough to fill a pallet, it is just enough to do so but you can buy each color open stock at most art supply stores and Amazon. This is a good thing because you can figure out what colors you love and make a change without much expense.

  2. These paints do not have oxgall. This means that they do not have the flow when painting wet on wet. This can be good as well because they can be more predictable and stay where you put them.

  3. As stated above, they have chinese white, juan brilliant and ivory black. I like this because it gives more versitility in the colors but some people would rather mix their own colors.

  4. The price point. I think the price is good! I purchased mine on sale and you can find good deals but they are professional grade watercolors and are going to be higher priced due to the pigment content.

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