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Want to fill a sketchbook?

If you want ideas on how to fill a sketchbook and improve your skills you just have to look around the house or follow the seasons. There are so many ways to break down a painting and make it a lovely part of a sketchbook that you will love to look through or inspire you to create a larger piece of art that you can gift to someone or sell! Wouldn't that be great? I am so excited at the possibilities! The supplies do not have to break the bank either. I used the Terrains set from Prima Marketing, a # 8 watercolor brush and the Strathmore Visual Watercolor Journal but you can use whatever you have. This is a loose painting that I didn't even sketch on first. Just have a good time with it! #watercolor #primamarketinginc #sketchbook #watercolorartist #watercolorart #watercolorpainting #watercolortutorial #sketch #sketchbook #autumn

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